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3 Simple steps to renting a home

Part 1 - Apply online

Applications are accepted through our online application form. If you have difficulties applying online, please contact us for advice.

Part 2 – Processing your application

Once you have completed your application, we will send you an email detailing the further information we need. You have 14 days to provide this. This information includes proof of your identity, address, current income and landlord details (if applicable). We will then carry out an initial assessment of your application.

Part 3 - Home visit

We may arrange to visit you at your current address, where appropriate. This is so we can get to know you better, explore your housing needs and is an opportunity for you to ask any questions.

The visit takes around 60-90 minutes and we will normally discuss:

  • Your current housing needs
  • Your financial and employment situation
  • Reasons why you are applying for an EPIC property
  • Any current medical problems or support needs
  • Your property preference e.g. upstairs or downstairs flat
Income assessment

If your income is not high enough to cover typical bills and expenses, we will invite you to the office for a more in-depth income assessment. This is to help identify where you could make savings in your expenses and also discuss any benefit entitlement. The reason for this is to help prevent you getting into debt and ensure any future tenancy is successful.

If you have not held a tenancy before, are currently out of work or may be unaware of the responsibilities of running a tenancy, we will invite you for a Getting To Know You session with our staff.

Waiting List

If your application is successful, you will be added to our Waiting List for a property of your preference. We will send you a text message every month to give you an update on your position on the list. Please be aware that waiting times for different property-types can vary.

Property offers

If you refuse an offer of housing, the property will be offered to the next suitable applicant on our Waiting List. If you refuse two offers, your application will be cancelled. Should you wish to reapply you will need to wait 6 months after the refusal of the second property. This would be treated as a new application.

Viewings & Signing your Tenancy Agreement

Properties are offered as soon as we are notified the current tenant wishes to move out. Viewings may take place with the current tenant, but these will be accompanied by a housing officer. If the property is vacant a member of staff will view the property with you. If you wish to accept, we will arrange for you to sign the Tenancy Agreement as soon as the keys are available and after repair works have been carried out.

Signing your Tenancy Agreement takes place at our office and we will provide you with other information, such as a current gas safety certificate, energy performance certificate and details of the utilities supplier. We will also set up a plan for paying your rent, which must be paid in advance.

You cooker (gas or electric) must be fitted by a qualified installer. We can carry out this free of charge, by appointment.