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A typical 4 block of flats                  A typical 6 block of flats

420Block20Cropped2.png  620Block1.png

The space standards inside our properties are very generous. Each flat has a living room, kitchen, bathroom and either 1 or 2 bedrooms.  We offer a fast and reliable repairs service at a time to suit you and we also maintain the garden areas of the flats by cutting the grass, pruning trees and applying weedkiller where necessary.

Property Leaflets

We have leaflets below that you can download with details of room sizes, internal photographs, services that we provide and average rental costs:

1 Bed Leaflet.pdf

2 Bed Leaflet.pdf


Internal Layout 

A typical internal layout of the upstairs of a six block of flats is provided below. There are 3 flats shown here. The flat on the left has 2 bedrooms, the flat on the right has 1 bedroom and the flat at the bottom again has 2 bedrooms.