We take pride in maintaining our properties to a high standard and our strategy is based around continuing to improve our properties. We have five objectives for the Strategy period. These are:

  • Enhance our property offer.
  • Ensure our properties are safe.
  • Modernise our service.
  • Deliver excellent customer service.
  • Evolve into a data led service.

These objectives can be translated into the following targets.

Enhance Our Property Offer

  • We will implement a new property standard for relets and acquisitions from 1 April 2020.
  • We will undertake a programme of 421 EPC assessments to ensure we have current EPCs for all properties by 2022.
  • We will eliminate all EPC ratings of “E” and below by 2022.
  • We will eliminate all properties that do not meet decent homes standard by 2022.
  • Our blocks of six flats are scheduled for renewal works, including, window renewal, internal and external painting, floor repairs, fire door upgrades and improving stairs and intercom systems. Investment will equate to c.£250,000. The programme is scheduled for completion in 2022
  • We will exploit opportunities presented by the Internet of Things, although we will adopt an approach of being a fast follower to market once innovations have a proven track record.

Ensure Our Properties are Safe

  • We will adopt the Electrotechnical standards for Social Housing (2019) and test our properties electric every five years or upon tenancy change. We will increase our coverage of NICEIC certificates for properties to 100% by 2021
  • We will implement a new fire safety policy from April 2020.
  • We will maintain our excellent track record and ensure that we have a valid LGSR for all properties.
  • We will complete Fire Risk Assessments for all our communal areas by December 2020.
  • We will undertake a programme of asbestos surveys to increase the coverage to 85% by 2022.
  • We will ensure that there are no Category 1 (Serious) Hazards as defined by the Housing Health and Safety Rating System in our stock and to take decisive action to minimise and eradicate any Category 2 Hazards identified.
  • Increasing our Asbestos survey coverage of properties to 90% by 2022.

Modernise our Service

  • We will introduce our Tenant Portal to allow for online repairs reporting from 2022.
  • We will launch the M3 diagnostic tool to assist customers in identifying repairs from 2022.
  • We will develop a Green Strategy to shape how we ensure our properties are as energy efficient as possible and material specifications consider the total impact of use and recycling from January 2021.
  • Launching Planned and Servicing Lite (P&S Lite), a maintenance management module from November 2020.
  • Piloting our repairs calls going directly to our responsive repairs contractor from March 2020.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

  • We will retender our major maintenance contracts to ensure that the specification, and associated practices conform to industry best practice by April 2021.
  • We will ensure there is customer involvement in decision making and specifications development throughout our service evolution.

Evolve into a Data Led Service

  • We will continue with our stock condition survey and attain 85% coverage by September 2020.

We will consolidate our existing asset data and centralise it into Civica CX by April 2020. Uploading all our Asset data will ensure that we have quick access to stock data.

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