Fire Safety at EPIC

Wednesday 12th July 2017

Further to the recent fire at a block of flats in Grenfell Tower, London, we would like to assure all of our tenants that we have undertaken a review of our fire safety arrangements and practices to ensure your safety and the safety of our properties.  As a result the Senior Management Team will be recommending that hard wired smoke alarms are installed in all of our 6 block communal areas as a matter of priority.  We would also like to confirm that we have no properties with the type of cladding used on the Grenfell Tower. 

To reassure you all, we can confirm that the following fire safety measures are in place:

  • Each block with a communal area is fire risk assessed. The last fire risk assessments were completed in November 2016 and the next ones have been brought forward to August 2017.
  • We complete an annual check to the gas system to each property.
  • We are part way through completing a programme of electrical testing to the flats.
  • We fit cookers free of charge to ensure that they have been installed correctly.
  • We display no smoking signs and fire exit signs at relevant points in the communal areas.
  • We fit smoke detectors in each property; these are tested annually at the same time as the gas service.
  • There is emergency lighting to the communal areas of blocks of 6 flats, which is tested annually, by a specialist contractor and last competed in March 2017. The lighting is approximately 15 years old and considered by our contractor to be in good condition.
  • The bedroom windows meet the requirements of a secondary means of escape (more than 0.33m2 in opening area) if escape is not possible from the front door.
  • The annual gas check requests the operative to assess the properties for any tenant installed works or electrical sockets which may be a cause of concern, for example broken or scorched sockets. The assessment also assesses the condition of the property as a whole and does identify any problems with the condition of the property. Any suspicion of tampering with meters is reported to the energy suppliers and the Police.

In addition we are currently in the process of organising a pilot stock condition survey and a review of fire safety is included in the specification. 

The above measures are only effective however, if all tenants comply with their responsibilities, including allowing us access once a year to undertake the Gas Safety check and annual check of your smoke alarm and ensure that you do not use the communal areas to store furniture or any other flammable objects.

If any tenants are concerned about fire safety in their home then please contact us on 01782 252575 and we will be happy to discuss your concerns.

Responsive Repairs Update

Posted by tworsdall on July 7, 2020

The government have eased some restrictions so that we are now able to extend the services we offer. The electrical testing programme is re commencing and our contractor AML will contact you directly to make an appointment if your home is included. We are also now able to provide a full repairs service. We would appreciate your patience if we are unable to attend as quickly as previously as we clear a backlog generated during the lockdown period. To report a repair please contact our contractor Brenden Fern on 01782 818578 or on line from the following from All works in your home will be completed following strict hygiene practices and keeping to social distancing guidelines. If you should have any queries our contractors will be able to provide further information when agreeing appointments.

Customer Advice

Posted by tworsdall on May 22, 2020

We know these are difficult times for all of us, as we continue to observe social distancing and many employers are struggling. Many people have lost their lives and others have been very ill over this period. We have changed many aspects of the way we work in order to help stop the spread of this awful disease. Hopefully things are beginning to improve and we hope in the future to return to some new form of normality. In the meantime, EPIC will continue to do all that it can to support our tenants through this crisis and we hope this brief update helps keep you informed as to where we are.

Garden Maintenance

Posted by tworsdall on April 17, 2020

From Monday 20th April 2020 our grounds maintenance team will be adopting new working practices to ensure we remain safe during these unprecedented times . We want to reassure residents that all working practices have been risk assessed and are subject to safe systems of work. We ask that you do not interact with the team and stay inside your home whilst works are carried out to maintain a safe distance at all times. Thank you for your help and understanding.

Stoke-on-Trent Together - Covid-19

Posted by tworsdall on March 31, 2020

#StokeonTrentTogether has been formed by Stoke-on-Trent City Council working alongside local charity and voluntary sector organisation VAST to meet the everyday needs of vulnerable residents who are affected by Covid-19 specifically those who are self-isolating and who do not have the support of friends or family to call upon. It offers a free call telephone line and website service so that people can access help to get basic food supplies, prescription collections, gas or electricity meter top-ups, regular conversations and even dog walking. Residents can access the #StokeonTrentTogether website via, or call 0800 5615610 seven days a week between 9am-5pm.

Covid-19 - Emergency Repairs Only

Posted by tworsdall on March 26, 2020

Due to COVID-19 and the governments restrictions on activity, our contractors are now only conducting emergency repairs. Thank you for your patience in this matter at this unprecedented time