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Our tenants tell us that Bentilee is a good place to live – thankfully serious anti-social behaviour is quite rare.

However, we know that sometimes people do behave in ways that cause problems to others. We take such problems seriously, and we aim to deal with them quickly and effectively. 

Anti-social behaviour causes nuisance or annoyance to other people, and includes things such as noise, rubbish dumping, and people failing to clean up after their dogs.

What you should do if someone is behaving in a way that causes problems:

Where possible, talk to them calmly about the problem.  They may not know that their behaviour is bothering you, and simply letting them know may be enough to resolve the matter.

If you do not feel able to talk to the person who is causing a problem, or if this does not improve things, contact us.  You can do this by: 

• Emailing us at mailbox@epichousing.co.uk

• Using our online form

• Texting us on 07838 906952

• Ringing our office on 01782 252575

Click here to report Anti-social Behaviour online

Keep a record of the incident - a diary, photos or witness statements can be useful. You can use our Nuisance Logs to record the details of any anti-social behaviour, which you can download below and pass on to us once completed.

If the anti-social behaviour you witness is criminal in nature, you should phone the police on 101.  If a crime is in progress call 999.

What we will do next:

If there is a possible breach of tenancy, we will investigate your report, and gather evidence. If we find that your report is proven, and the person is an EPIC tenant, we will take action to stop them repeating the problem behaviour. The action we take will depend on the situation – we may give advice or issue warnings. In very serious cases we may take legal action to end the tenancy.