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Before you move into an EPIC property, you will sign a Tenancy Agreement. This is a legal document which sets out your rights and responsibilities as our tenant.

As an EPIC tenant, you will have one of two types of tenancy:

  • Assured Shorthold Tenancy
  • Assured Tenancy

Assured Shorthold Tenancy

As a new tenant, you will hold a Shorthold Tenancy for an initial probationary period of twelve months. We will review your tenancy during this period. If you breach your tenancy agreement your Shorthold Tenancy may be extended.

Assured Tenancy

If your Shorthold Tenancy is conducted satisfactorily we will convert it to an Assured Tenancy. There is no time limit on this type of tenancy, provided you do not breach your tenancy agreement.

With this tenancy you will have greater security and rights. For example, you can exchange your home with any tenant of a Council or Housing Association in the United Kingdom and you may also have the right to acquire the property you live in.

Changes to your Household

Your tenancy agreement requires you to keep us informed of any changes to your household.

To keep our records up-to-date we require the following details if someone moves in:

  • Date they moved in
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance Number (if 16 or over)
  • Employment Status
  • Details of any health problems
  • Contact telephone number
  • Proof of ID

Also, please let us know if someone moves out.