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Existing tenants may request a transfer to another of our properties. These requests will be treated in the same way as new applicants.

Existing tenants requesting a transfer will be expected to have a clear rent account, not be in breach of their tenancy agreement and to have lived in their property for a minimum of 12 months. In addition, their property must be in good condition and decorative order.

We currently have a programme to purchase over 50 houses each year. Please email us at mailbox@epichousing.co.uk to find out if you are eligible for a transfer.


EPIC tenants are eligible to apply for permission to exchange their property for a property occupied by a tenant of EPIC, another Housing Association, or a Local Authority.

This is not available for tenants on an Assured Shorthold (Starter) tenancy.

If you would like to move further afield, we can arrange for you to view details of other tenants who are looking to exchange their home in England. If you would be interested in using this service, please contact us on 01782 252575 or email mailbox@epichousing.co.uk for further information.