Vision and Mission

Our VisionĀ 

Helping to develop vibrant communities in the areas of our homes


Our Mission

Working to be a good landlord by:

  • Providing quality housing services
  • Providing homes that are building safety compliant
  • Providing an effective responsive repair service
  • Providing a service developed with and influenced by our tenants
  • Responding to our tenants needs and feedback
  • Working in partnership with local landlords and community service providers

Our Strategic Objectives

Services: Providing inclusive and accessible services meeting local and regulatory standards

Asset Management: Providing good quality & safe homes

People: Valuing & investing in our people to deliver desired outcomes

Governance: Operating as a well governed financially viable organisation and ensuring our services meet the required standards

A copy of our full corporate plan can be found here

Our Values

  • Fairness: We treat people equally, and make decisions based on facts not personal opinions.
  • Respect: We treat people with respect, and act with courtesy.
  • Understanding: We are empathetic, approachable and act professionally.
  • Integrity: We are honest, dependable and do what we say we will.
  • Teamwork: We work with our customers to ensure we deliver good services. We believe that using our combined strengths makes us a better organisation.
  • Excellence: We take pride in what we do, help others, are precise and accurate and strive to improve services.

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