Repairs and Maintenance

We work with our contractor partners to deliver a repairs service in your home. Repairs fall into different categories depending on their nature and this dictates how we prioritise them.

Emergency Repairs

An emergency repair is classified as a repair which compromises the health and safety of the household or property, or which may lead to further damage to the property if not dealt with immediately. Examples of emergency repairs include:

  • No heating or hot water.
  • Gas leaks (in the first instance please contact The National Gas Emergency Number on 0800 111 999).
  • Major water leaks or bursts.
  • Complete loss of power and/or lighting.
  • Dangerous electrical faults.
  • Faulty door locks that pose a security issue.
  • Boarding up a damaged window that may pose a security risk.
  • Immediately dangerous structures.

To report an emergency repair outside of normal working hours please call 0800 694 0434.

Urgent and Routine Repairs

Urgent repairs can be an inconvenience but do not pose an immediate danger. We will, however, attend to these as soon as possible.

As with any repair, routine repairs can be inconvenient but do not pose any immediate risk and the likelihood of the situation worsening is unlikely. We will attend to these repairs as soon as practically possible.

 It is also important to remember that as a tenant you have a role to play in ensuring that your home is safe and well-maintained by:

  • Reporting any issues promptly.
  • Ensuring the area where the fault will be worked on is easy to access and free of clutter.
  • Ensuring that you keep any appointments made.

What EPIC Housing does not repair or replace:

  • Easing internal doors where new flooring has been installed.
  • Tenants own installations.
  • Lost or damaged keys resulting in a change of locks.
  • Minor plaster cracks.
  • Washing lines.
  • Sink or bath plugs and chains.
  • Resetting trip switches.
  • Oiling hinges to windows.
  • Replacing any light bulbs, including any halogen or fluorescent tubes (excludes lighting in communal areas).
  • Replacing batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms (these will only be replaced during the annual gas service).
  • Sheds.
  • Removal of pests.
  • Repairs to white goods/appliances.
  • Shower curtains.
  • Tenants own shower installation.
  • Gas fires where beyond economical repair will be removed and the area making good.
  • Electric fires gifted to the tenant.
  • Any TV/Satellite equipment.
  • Fencing not owned by EPIC Housing.

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