Service Charge Review

We are continuing to review our service offer and charges, and some of our homes incur a number of additional costs, for example communal lighting which may not be included as a service charge within your rent. The social rent reform in 2002 led many landlords to review their policies regarding service charges, and consequently realised if they wished to continue providing certain services, they would have to introduce service charges in addition to rents. At EPIC Housing, we have resisted introducing costs for additional services but this no longer viable. Certain service charges are eligible for housing related benefit and for those tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit you are entitled to claim this charge as part of your benefit entitlement.

Different property types may attract different charges and so we will consult with you on this basis. Under section 105 of the Housing Act 1985, we are currently consulting with tenants who live in our 6 blocks of flats in the Bentilee area about their communal lighting.

For those of you who we have communicated with before, we will continue to keep you updated about any issues that may affect you or your tenancy.

If you have recently heard from us about our consultation, please remember you can contact us:


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